Paul Goodman is internationally recognized as one of the top movement experts in the world and a top consultant to athletes in NHL and other professional sports, Olympians, College, and Juniors athletes. As a 3X Stanley Cup Champion and 2X Rose Bowl Champion, his scientific approach to programming is proven and practiced with the professional athletes he trains as well as development athletes.

Featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Sports, and, Paul was selected as the esteemed NSCA 2020 Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year and currently holds the position of President of the Strength Coach Association of Professional Hockey, acting as the Liaison between the NHL and professional hockey strength and conditioning coaches. Paul Goodman has also co-written the Human Kinetics book “Hockey Anatomy”, a blueprint for all the fitness and training components required to play and excel at the game of hockey at any level.

Through a career spanning the past 28 years, Paul started his Strength and Conditioning Journey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned his Bachelor of Science and first Master’s Degree while working in Strength and Conditioning with the Wisconsin Football Team, then became the Head Strength Coach for multiple sports: Men’s & Women’s Hockey, Volleyball, Wrestling & Women’s Tennis, spending 7 years there and then 7 years as the Head Strength & Conditioning Director for all D1 Sports and Adjunct Professor at the University of Vermont. Paul is currently in his 14th season as the NHL Chicago Blackhawks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach.