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NCAA & Advisors

What steps must be followed to use the services of an advisor?
  • Prospective Student-Athletes are allowed to have advisors within the governing body of the NCAA. Guidelines are listed below to ensure that NCAA eligibility is maintained.
  • Prospective Student-Athletes and their families are permitted to have advisors that offer guidance and advice. The advisor is not allowed to market his or her clients hockey abilities or negotiate with a professional team on behalf of his client.
  • Prospect Student-Athletes must compensate an advisor for services provided.
  • Prospective Student-Athletes are not permitted to accept benefits from advisors, such as money, meals, clothing, hockey equipment or other items of value.
NCAA Clearinghouse
  • NCAA Clearinghouse: All players looking to pursue Division I hockey will need to register with the Clearinghouse
  • Registration Number: The NCAA Clearinghouse will send players a registration number and this number will be requested by coaches that show an interest.
  • Clearinghouse Application Items: High School Transcripts, SAT/ACT Scores, Athletic History

NCAA Clearinghouse