We evaluate our players to determine where they are in their development. This enables us to create customized development plans for each player. Then, through live viewings and the use of InStat (video analysis tool), we are able to monitor our clients over time and offer feedback. Our goal throughout this process is to help our clients understand where they are and what they need to do to accomplish their goals.


Youth Hockey Investment

Ages 14-18


Family Advisor

Guidance | Development | Placement

Paragon Client's Average College Savings

Average Paragon Client - Scholarship Package: 81%
Average Tuition Earned: $158,483**

If you are going to make the investment of time and money that competitive hockey requires, it is wise to work with an expert who can help you manage that investment. Our goal is to ensure you have the information and resources necessary to make the best decisions possible

*Can be well in excess of this number for some families—$200,000+ for Prep School.

**Figure takes into account athletic scholarship, merit aid, books, and room/board.


There is no set path a player must follow to accomplish his goals. Every player develops differently and different levels are appropriate at different times for each player. The information below is designed to show you SOME of the typical things players encounter at each level, examples of the types of things we use our expertise to help players navigate.


  • Educate about options for the following season: prep school, hockey academies, U16
  • Discuss programs, academic options, living arrangements, coaching staffs
  • Determine best option and help secure spot for the following season
  • Assist with admissions and financial aid (when applicable)
  • Prepare for the USHL Phase I Draft, serve as intermediary if selected or help secure camp invites if not selected
  • Begin to educate about the NCAA process, for example, no recruiting conversations allowed prior to January, 1 of Grade 10 (per NCAA)
  • Assist with recruiting conversations and unofficial visits after January 1 of Grade-10 year

REMEMBER every player is different. We help our clients get from point A to point B. Rarely is this a linear process, and that is why the guidance of an expert is extremely important and can be particularly helpful. We are happy to answer any specific questions you might have after exploring this page.

Client Portal

What is it?
It is your private database, which enables us to provide you access to important information and resources. It will help you stay organized and informed and aid in your development. You can organize biographical information, transcripts, and test scores.

Memo: PSC publishes memos periodically to inform clients of important NCAA updates, recruiting timelines, and reminders throughout the course of the year.

Development: PSC publishes articles and videos on development for our clients that cover a wide array of topics including, but not limited to, on-ice, off-ice, nutrition, mental training, and recovery.

Shareable Link: Our portal allows us to create a link that will pull your biographical information, transcripts/test scores, and any embedded video. This link can be text messaged or emailed to any scout, coach, and manager putting all of your information at their fingertips.