At Paragon Sports Consulting, not only do we have the background and connections, but also the experience and expertise to assist student-athletes with complex issues. Working with the right advisor can make all the difference, as our case studies below illustrate.

Issue: A student-athlete sought release without penalty from his NLI.

Action: Paragon helped the student-athlete navigate the process, which entailed communicating with the academic institution and the NCAA, preparing the NLI release request, and the subsequent NCAA NLI appeal.

Outcome: The student-athlete was granted complete release without penalty from NLI on appeal to NCAA.

Issue: The NCAA Eligibility Center classified a student-athlete’s 9th grade English class as a duplicate core course. The student-athlete had reclassified at a preparatory school. Thus, the NCAA ruled that the student-athlete had not fulfilled the core course requirement for the subject.

Action: Paragon Sports Consulting helped the student-athlete challenge the NCAA ruling by demonstrating that the two courses were taught differently and covered different material.

Outcome: The student-athlete won the appeal to the NCAA and was deemed eligible immediately for NCAA Division I competition.

Issue: Player was not happy with his current NCAA experience. The player wanted a change of environment to hopefully improve his playing opportunity and his development.

Action: PSC was tasked with explaining the pros/cons of a potential transfer to the player. PSC then helped the player understand the transfer portal process, including but not limited to, transfer portal compliance, open/close dates, scholarship rules for transfers, and how to secure an opportunity.

Outcome: The player made a commitment to a new school through the transfer portal. This player received a scholarship with a new playing opportunity and academic environment. 

Issue: The NCAA Eligibility Center flagged a student-athlete for failing to complete the requisite core courses for Division I eligibility.

Action: Paragon Sports Consulting helped the student-athlete communicate with the NCAA Eligibility Center to determine what course was missing. Then, PSC helped the student-athlete develop a strategic plan to remedy the deficiency by taking a class that fulfilled the requirement.

Outcome: The student-athlete became eligible upon completing the course and attended a Division I school on a scholarship.