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A 360-Approach

What we offer to athletes

At Paragon Sports Consulting, we understand that every client is unique and has different needs. Through communication and preparation, our company will make sure to understand every client’s needs and that they are then provided the resources and information to help propel them to their next step.

Paragon Sports Consulting creates a career plan for each individual player. We take the time to understand the player’s and the family’s priorities, concerns, and goals. Our 360-Approach covers all bases for each player including development, guidance, and placement.



Development is the foundation of a client’s success. We evaluate each player to help them understand their development needs. Paragon Sports Consulting has relationships with professionals involved in every aspect of player development. We have access to world-class instructors to meet any on-ice or off-ice development need. As the game evolves, I’ll ensure that our players have access to every resource available to give them an edge in their development.


Our network includes skill coaches, power-skating instructors, position-specific coaches, goaltending coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, sport psychologists/mental performance coaches, nutritionists, ACT/SAT tutors, and many more resources to help our clients become well-rounded players.


In the summer, Paragon Sports Consulting has development camps run by some of the best coaches and instructors in professional, college, and junior hockey.


Paragon Sports Consulting provides data-driven guidance. We use comparables, draft analysis, and player development studies to help our clients and their families understand the career process. We look at all aspects of a player’s career to provide specific guidance on academics, exposure, and development. We ensure our clients are well-informed, so they can make the best decision for their career.


Paragon Sports Consulting wants to place each player with a program that allows them to work toward reaching their full potential. Through getting to know and understanding our clients, we are able to help place them in the best opportunities that become available that covers their athletic, academic, and social needs. This allows our players to be setup for short-term and long-term success, while on their career path.


Paragon Sports Consulting has established a network throughout North American that includes USHL, NAHL, BCHL, AJHL, CCHL, OJHL, MJHL, NCDC, Junior – Tier III, New England Prep School, US – Elite High School, and Tier I U18/U16/U15. We will ensure our players receive exposure to these leagues to help further their own development and career process.

Age of Commitment


Paragon Sports Consulting provides each client with an individual plan for development and growth. We will provide the best support, resources, and guidance so that each client can maximize their potential.


Our company monitors our clients grades and provides opportunities that will set each client up for success throughout their career so they may maximize their opportunities at the college level. Whether it is online school, public school, or boarding school, we will provide the relevant information on each learning environment.

Career Planning

Understanding which options are the best for each client is a vital piece to what we do. We will provide each client and family the knowledge needed to understand the best route for development and exposure when making decisions.

Development Reports

Our company prides itself on being in the rinks and providing feedback on our players throughout the season. We make it a priority to let our clients know about their growth and deficiencies so they can continue on an upward trajectory of development.

Social Media

Paragon Sports Consulting will use the social media platform to promote our players. We will also educate our players on proper social media use so they do not tarnish their image or potential opportunities for any level whether College, Prep School, Junior, and or Midgets.

Network and Resources

Paragon Sports Consulting provides expertise and a vast network that our clients are able to take advantage of. We are able to promote our players and request feedback from coaches and scouts from the NCAA to midget hockey.